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TRANS SALVADOR S.R.L. is a company dedicated to provide a transport service in the international field between the countries of Chile, Peru and Bolivia.



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Trans Salvador S.R.L. Pioneers in the International Transport

The means of transport has undergone a dramatic evolution from its origins to the present day; today thanks to companies dedicated to offer this sevice, can carry passengers from one city to another or from one country to another. As such transport is considered as a measure of progress in the regions, which is reflected in the infrastructure of roads; so in Bolivia is still making efforts to improve road infrastructure.

As relates to the carriage of passengers on domestic and international area am obviously noted that the demand for this service comes from the needs of commerce and tourism passengers.

In this regard, International Business TRANS SALVADOR SRL is a legally established company dedicated to providing quality ser vice passenger internationally to countries neighboring Chile and Peru.


TRANS SALVADOR SRL. Pioneering international road transport company, began offering its services in December 1992 In the beginning, I provide passenger transport services at the provincial level to the borders with the neighboring country of Chile without own suscursales .

Its headquarters and decision-making was in the city of Oruro and its staff was reduced, considered only as family transport at the head of its owner manager Sergio Mollo and his wife Martha Flores de Mollo.

In 1996, the company expanded its service internationally Oruroa from the cities of La Paz, Cochabamba in Bolivia to Arica and Iquique in Chile; to meet the demands of their customers which were increasing significantly; this fact occurred that an enterprise chooses to acquire new and modern units (Buses) work.

In 2010 followed Trans Salvador projecting their expectations covering new markets so the path to the neighboring country of Peru with direct trips from La Paz to Cusco passing through the cities of Puno and Juliaca was opened. This project was born with the purpose to give tourists an option to meet more new tourist sites in Bolivia and Peru; for this purpose the company makes contracts delegations and groups.

Today TRANS SALVADOR lawfully established in the international transport of passengers; potential customers who has made ​​your trip to Chile travez two routes, which pass them by following borders:

Tambo Quemado border - Chungara: This border has the advantage of being completely paved both in the domestic sector (Bolivia) and internationally (Chile); therefore is considered a more comfortable and safe route.

Frontera Pisiga - Colchanne: Unlike other border this presents a stretch of highway in the domestic sector that does not have the corresponciente asphalt, what being an unsafe route especially in times of rain.

On the other hand en route to Peru trips are made through the Drainage, same as this completely paved so travel is safe and comfortable way border.


Whereas the item which serves Salvador Trans SRL has as its vision:

"To offer and provide customers with an effective and efficient international transport service safeguarding the prestige"


Whereas the item which serves Salvador Trans SRL has as its vision:

"To offer and provide customers with an effective and efficient international transport service safeguarding the prestige"


The company Trans Salvador S.R.L. in order to give more comfort, safety and accessibility to the client provides the service with buses lounge bed and rows 3 and 4 bed semi buses the same as during the trip disponene of toilet service, video, background music and frasadas.

A himself, taking as parameter the needs and expectations of potential customers savior trans implement additional service during the journey that involves euna Collation (desaguno, almuezo and snack) it depending on departure time and destination respectively.

Finally acontar that as a company we constantly try to stimulate the creation of new and innovative ideas to further improve the quality of service is and therefore the loyalty of our customers.

Trans Salvador - National and International Transport
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